Our fine grocery store, the historic heart of legrand
Varnished counters and polished wood shelves present the best regional specialities

Aromas of teas and coffees, fragrances of wines; the perfume of gourmet treats...

Choosing the very finest gourmet products is the ambition of our delicatessen, where elegance and charm has remained intact since 1900. 

The historic heart of Legrand, our grocery story speaks through its beautifully preserved decoration; mosaic-tiled floor, ceiling inlaid with plugs carried out by Lucien Legrand, brass window frames and polished wood counters and display tops... 


The heart of our Maison Legrand

In the nineteenth century to be a good grocer was to be a man of taste who had a nose for the best, most exciting products. In 1880, François Beaugé opened his shop on the rue de la Banque to sell a selection of the finest, most dazzling new products being imported by the Compagnie des Indes. Here, gourmets expanded their palates; relishing cinnamon from Ceylon, pepper and cardamom from Kerala, tea from Assam and coffee from the Malabar coast. Alongside the products he chose with such care was a selection of wines he bottled himself on site. Success came quickly, later affirmed once more under the stewardship of Lucien Legrand. The shop was always buzzing, people would travel across Paris to seek his wise counsel on wine.

Over 140 years later, our grocery store maintains the same convivial atmosphere. The period façade is in keeping with the window frames, polished wood cabinets, mosaic-tiled floors and glass jars. The same aromas of teas, coffees and wines have left an inviting aroma of 1900 throughout. The grocery store has inspired both cinematographers as advertisers who regularly choose to set up camera here.

A House truly made by the people who love their work, ours is a family atmosphere where the soul of those who built its reputation is always present. Lucien Legrand and also left an unmovable souvenir in the shape of a ceiling he studded with wine corks throughout the long, hot summer of 1976.

The selection of wines and regional specialities has evolved over time, if anything, only becoming more rigorous. However, the atmosphere of our grocery store remains the same, ensuring its place as the heart of the Legrand spirit.

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