Salon Lucien Legrand
A Dedicated space for tasting wine
Atmospheric lighting, ideal for the contemplation of wine
Made-to-measure tastings for your to live the Legrand experience

Softing lighting warms tones of wood, luminescence jumps off glasses, polished brass gleams... the ideal atmosphere for your event, steeped in a world of wine.

Learning to taste wine, meeting winegrowers and listening to their adventures among the vines... The heart of our work is to share our passion for wine and our Salon Lucien Legrand is the ideal venue for your themed tastings, for all your private events.


Meeting and sharing about wine

Our Salon Lucien Legrand is the place par excellence for wine-tasting in the heart of Paris. Previously our accessories shop and library, this space - connected to the Comptoir de Dégustation by the Galerie Vivienne - has been the Salon Lucien Legrand since 2007. In keeping with the Vinotheque, Danièle Görtz  created a warm and intimate space with dim lighting, encased in materials to reflect our world of wine; polished wood and stamped wine boxes from our treasured chateaux on the walls. 

Entirely dedicated to tasting wine in private, the space was designed for courses of the Wine School ; for winegrowers eager to have their wines discovered through the renowned tastings of the Legrand team, as well as the many private tastings that take place, from meetings throughout the day, to lunches as well as dinners. An entirely adaptable space, it is also equipped with a screen, projector and sound.

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