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A unique selection of the best French produce

Since 1880, Legrand has always identified the most promising and passionate artisans of gourmet excellence and exceptional quality.

Olive oils come from Nyons as well as from wine producer Eloi Dürrbach from the Trévallon estate or from Jean-Marie Cornille... Vinager bears the name Banyuls or Modene. Tinned sardines and albacore tuna bears the signature of Rödel. Jams carry labels from Dutriez in Bar-le-Duc. When it comes to foie gras and confits, they are the crafted work of Alain Grèzes, a formidable artisan from Gers whose work defines a respect for nature. These gourmet goodies are a culinary tour of the best France has to offer... And for those sweet of tooth, a world of sweet delicacies awaits, from sugared Bosh Cambrai to the religious barley sugar of Moret, Berlingots of Carpentras, pralines of Montargis, Bergamots from Nancy ad Negus from Nevers... impossible to leave without trying something new, impossible to uncover every story of crafted excellence in only one visit....

The grocery store also hosts a selection of wines, Grand Crus nestled alongside rising stars to accompany every moment of your life. We always have a wine to match the moment, usually one of unexpected delight.

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