Wine School

Fórmula « Grands Crus de France »

Friday 29 January

Preço : 250 euros/pessoa

Duração : 3 horas

Número de vinhos degustados : 1 champagne + 5 vinhos

Menu harmonizado : aperitivos e « amuse-bouches », frios, foie gras, patês e terrines, saladas, queijos, pães e sobremesa


Objetivos :


O objetivo é dar a cada participante a ideia mais ampla possível das especificidades e particularidades dos vinhedos franceses a partir da degustação de alguns dos maiores crus do país, originários de produtores e regiões emblemáticas, como Margaux, em Bordeaux, Côte Rotie, no Vale do Rhône ou, ainda, Gevrey-Chambertin, na Bourgogne.


O curso será estruturado em três partes :


1) Noções de vinificação e discussão sobre o conceito de terroir

2) Técnicas de análise dos vinhos : exame visual, olfativo e gustativo

3) Degustação de 5 vinhos e 1 champagne



Vinhos que serão degustados* : 1 champagne + 5 vinhos


Champagne : Bollinger Grand Année 2004

Rhône : Côte Rotie, Jean-Michel Gerin, Grandes Places 2010

Loire : Saumur Champigny, Guiberteau, Arboises 2010

Bourgogne : Gevrey Chambertin, Denis Mortet, 1er Cru Les Champeaux 2007

Bordeaux : Pauillac, Les Carruades de Lafite 2006

Languedoc-Roussillon : VDP Pays de l'Hérault, Grange des Pères 2011


*A casa se reserva o direito de modificar os vinhos propostos em função da diponibilidade de cada um


Learn about wine : passion and culture

We believe the world of wine is one where all can enter and enjoy. Wine and its language are easy skills, the learning truly enjoyable. In three sessions, our Ecole du Vin provides all the indispensable basics you need.

Whatever your level, it is never too late to embark on an adventure into this world of wine. At Legrand we offer you the opportunity to learn all the basic concepts behind tasting in three enjoyable, easy-going sessions.

Session 1: Tasting
From grape to glass this session focuses on tasting technique and the process of vinification.

Session 2: The terroirs, science and the culture
An interactive session combining blind-tasting and the culture of the regions.

Session 3: The secrets of the sommelier
From the cellar to the carafe, this session is an entirely practical one, to understand everything from the storage of wines to the choice of glasses.

Hosted by a member of the Legrand team, our Wine School is divided into three sessions of two hours each, accommodating up to twenty people at a time. Between 5 and 6 wines, accompanied by places of local produce are tasted at each sessions. Participation is of 60euros for one sessions, or 180euros for the complete course.
We also regularly host themed, seasonal sessions of Wine School over two hours.

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