Tuesday Tasting

Wine and Truffles

Tuesday 25 March

While the season lasts, we invite you to enjoy an exceptional evening on the theme of Wine and Truffles!

Serge Ghoukassian, the proud owner of the restaurant "Chez Serge" in Carpentras, will share his love of wine and truffles with us.

In this area, it is a regular institution!

Serge was born in Marseille to a family of Armenian origin. Every day since he opened his restaurant in 1987, Serge has been a personal quest to pair the right wines with fresh, finely prepared foods. His passion for local products has made him a regular at the truffle market of Carpentras.

He is always delighted to share his knowledge and a taste of the good things in life with others, such as Tuber melanosporum and the lesser-known summer truffle Tuber aestivum, an irresistible species with a subtle taste of hazelnut.

This 100% truffle menu includes a starter, main dish, cheese and dessert, each accompanied by a wine specially chosen from the Legrand selection by our wine expert.

Serge will develop the following themes:

- All about truffles: Their varieties, distinctiveness and season

- The secrets of the Carpentras truffle market

Our wine expert will develop the theme:

- Pairing wine with truffles

Dinner menu:

- Blood sausage with honey and truffles 

- Scrambled eggs with black truffles 

- Truffle risotto

- Cheese 

- Dessert

With Serge Ghoukassian

Participation: € 180

Tuesday Tastings are held at 8 p.m. in Salon Lucien Legrand, 7/11 Galerie Vivienne, Paris 2nd Arrondissement.

We recommend that you use the entrance at 4, rue des Petits Champs.

Reservation by email:

Reservation by telephone: +33 (0)1 42 60 07 12


Discovery of a man, a region, a craft

Held in the Salon Lucien Legrand, Tuesday Tastings provide a unique opportunity to unite wine lovers with wine-makers themselves to talk of their work, the vineyards and their history. We bring a slice of the vineyard to Paris, opening the door to a world of excitement and passion.

Immerse yourself in the world of a wine-grower, the passion that goes into creating the most exciting wines in France, this is what our Tuesday Tastings are designed to achieve. 
With these sessions, we have created a unique opportunity for you to meet the people who create our selection of wines. They are privileged, intimate occasions where the wine-makers share their savoir-faire and transmit their love of the land. 
These tastings are a unique opportunity to taste exceptional crus and difficult to find, famous vintages, always accompanied by plates of gourmet local produce.  
They are ideal opportunities to perfect your learning into a specific area ; a particular grape, a particular region, a certain technique... For each theme, we find the ideal, most qualified person to answer all your questions.

Tuesday Tastings take place in our Salon Lucien Legrand from 20.00 to 22.00, and places must be reserved in advance. 

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