Wine School

    REPORTING AT AN OUTSIDE DATE - The basics of wine tasting

    Monday 22 June
    Duration of the training : 2 hours

    Feel... Taste.... Analyze a wine and put words on the
    emotions isn't always easy as it seems to be at first.
    By introducing you to the three steps of the tasting, we will help you to understand what makes you love
    a wine or not. You will refine your senses while becoming familiar
    with the language of wine.

    Objective of the training :

    - acquire the tasting techniques

    - knowledge analyse the sensory characteristics of a wine

    - develop your nose

    - find the the right words to talk about a wine and express
    it's emotions


    5 wines from terroirs from our selection and chosen
    according to the theme of the session will be tasted.
    The tasting is supported by a plate of delicatessen
    and artisan cheeses.
    Each participant has the possibility, at the end of
    the course, to buy the wines tasted with an
    exceptional discount of 10%.

    Support pedagogical:

    A sheet of tasting as well as a summary of the course
    including the essential notions and the glossary of terms
    used are given to you at the beginning of the course.

    Conditions of reservations :

    In order to help you to reserve the best welcome,
    a reservation is mandatory. This reservation will be made
    final upon receipt of your payment.
    To validate upon registration, you will receive a
    confirmation by email**
    The groups of work are limited to a maximum of
    20 people in order to privilege the quality of the exchanges.*
    The courses
    start at 8pm sharp and take place at the Salon
    Lucien Legrand, 7/11 Galerie Vivienne

    Entry recommended by 4, rue des Petits Champs.


    * in the in case the number of registrants is
    less than 6 people, we will would reserve the right
    to postpone the tasting to a later date.

    ** The the total amount of the registration fee will
    be due in case of cancellation less than 48 working
    hours from the course date.


    Learn about wine : passion and culture

    We believe the world of wine is one where all can enter and enjoy. Wine and its language are easy skills, the learning truly enjoyable. In three sessions, our Ecole du Vin provides all the indispensable basics you need.

    Whatever your level, it is never too late to embark on an adventure into this world of wine. At Legrand we offer you the opportunity to learn all the basic concepts behind tasting in three enjoyable, easy-going sessions.

    Session 1: Tasting
    From grape to glass this session focuses on tasting technique and the process of vinification.

    Session 2: The terroirs, science and the culture
    An interactive session combining blind-tasting and the culture of the regions.

    Session 3: The secrets of the sommelier
    From the cellar to the carafe, this session is an entirely practical one, to understand everything from the storage of wines to the choice of glasses.

    Hosted by a member of the Legrand team, our Wine School is divided into three sessions of two hours each, accommodating up to twenty people at a time. Between 5 and 6 wines, accompanied by places of local produce are tasted at each sessions. Participation is of 60euros for one sessions, or 180euros for the complete course.
    We also regularly host themed, seasonal sessions of Wine School over two hours.

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