Tuesday Tasting

Wine tasting dinner

Tuesday 08 December

We would like to inform our customers that the dates are postponed because of the sanitary situation.

The Commitment of Thomas Duroux for the environment goes far beyond biodynamic, tested in 2008 and then generalized to the entire vineyard in 2014: Palmer has been metamorphosed into an agricultural farm.
"Cows in the meadows of the Domain and ewes in the vineyards!
By reviving this tradition of the Médoc, Palmer produces his compost from his manure, crushed vine shoots and harvest stalks. This virtuous cycle of the material naturally fertilizes a terroir d'exception ".

If Thomas experiments and innovates relentlessly in his vineyard, he nourishes
also a strong passion for jazz. Every year, jazzmen accompany the harvest, before setting their vision of the vintage to music during the Hear Palmer festival.
The music gives the property a dimension aesthetics, which can be seen even in its wines.

After the desolation of 2018, due to a very small production on the market, the
smiles light up the faces again. Not only is the harvest generous, but it turns out to be superb when tasted: the grapes are pure and expressive, representative of the Palmer terroir. Thomas remains struck by "its velvety touch, but also by its energy, the purity of its sound origin".

List of wines to come ...


Discovery of a man, a region, a craft

Held in the Salon Lucien Legrand, Tuesday Tastings provide a unique opportunity to unite wine lovers with wine-makers themselves to talk of their work, the vineyards and their history. We bring a slice of the vineyard to Paris, opening the door to a world of excitement and passion.

Immerse yourself in the world of a wine-grower, the passion that goes into creating the most exciting wines in France, this is what our Tuesday Tastings are designed to achieve. 
With these sessions, we have created a unique opportunity for you to meet the people who create our selection of wines. They are privileged, intimate occasions where the wine-makers share their savoir-faire and transmit their love of the land. 
These tastings are a unique opportunity to taste exceptional crus and difficult to find, famous vintages, always accompanied by plates of gourmet local produce.  
They are ideal opportunities to perfect your learning into a specific area ; a particular grape, a particular region, a certain technique... For each theme, we find the ideal, most qualified person to answer all your questions.

Tuesday Tastings take place in our Salon Lucien Legrand from 20.00 to 22.00, and places must be reserved in advance. 

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