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    Tokaj Samuel Tinon

    Thursday 04 December

    Evadez-vous le temps d'une dégustation et partez à la découverte des grands liquoreux de Hongrie.

    Florence Coiffard vous présentera trois vins de Samuel Tinon :

    - Tokaj Furmint 2013 (blanc sec)

    - Tokaj Szamorodni 2008 (faible sucrosité)

    - Tokaj Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2005 (liquoreux)

    La dégustation se tiendra en boutique de 12h à 15h et de 17h à 19h30. 


    A delicious moment with one of our winegrowers or gourmet artisans

    Taste and Discover news wines and new produce from across France and speak to the artisans who make it.

    Cross the threshold of our shop and it is not unusual to encounter one of our cherished winegrowers or gourmet produce artisans waiting to greet you.

    Throughout the year, the life of our grocery story is punctuated by these Taste and Discover moments, giving you the chance to taste and new wine, nibble a delicious product and speak to the person who makes it. These are always great opportunities to meet and uncover new gems from all over France.

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