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        To enter Legrand Filles and Fils is to join our world of passion and culture, an experience made true through our unique range or products and services. Our philosophy is always to tailor ourselves to you, our customer. Our spaces and professional team are on hand to help you create your own tasting event as you imagine it.
  • The Places 

    All exceptional places, our Vinotheque and the Salon Lucien Legrand are expecially created for the enjoyment of tasting wine. Connected by the Galerie Vivienne, they all invite you to plunge into a unique and special world. We will recommend the spacebest suited to your event and the number of guests you want to invite. At your disposal are all the personal touches to ensure your event bear all the hallmarks of being truly yours.

  • The People

    Our priviledged relationships allows us to select the best professionals from the world of wine to guarantee a fabulous oenological evening: from our house cellar masters to wine-makers from our selection we also select from sommeliers, journalists and the most vibrant bloggers. Whatever the profile of your guests, the theme of your evening and the level of tasting knowledge you have, we make sure we find the right talent to make of your evening a roaring success.

  • The Wines 

    Selecting wines is at the heart of all we do. Our selection rests upon a respect for the terroir, originality and typicality balanced within a climate, a grape and the sun. 350 estates from France, Europe and the world beyond compose the Legrand selection; over 3000 wines and 10000 references. We ensure our selection is rigorous so that we can create the ideal choices for your function, for your level of tasting, budget and theme: from a Tour de France to a Tour d'Europe, we also love your Tour du Monde, Discovering a Region, Discovering a Grape, Vertical Horizontal...

  • The Dishes 

    All of our tastings can be accompanied by dishes of products from our fine grocery store. We recommend the best accompanying bites for the wines you will drink. According to the format of your evening, we suggest serving plated dishes or a buffet of gourmet produce: our country buffet includes bread by Jean-Luc Poujauran,  jambon noir from Bigorre, saucisson from Conquet, Cantal cheese from the Maison Quatrehomme as well as charcuteries from Hardouin... Or a cocktail party spread would include foie-gras and sea food platters followed by fondant chocolat le Baulois...We have chosen the best artisans for your, discover with them the ideal products to make your buffet the ideal accompaniment for your fabulous evening.

  • Intimate

    Place : Vinotheque

    Capacity : 15 people

    Animation in french

    Theme : Rhone Valley

    Buffet : Viognier 

    Budget : 195 € HT per person
    Customized event imagined and staged for an english bank

  • Convivial

    Place : Vinotheque

    Capacity : 30 people

    Animation by a wine professional in english

    Theme : Tour de France

    Buffet : Pinot Noir

    Budget : 140€ HT per person

  • Professionnal

    Place : Salon Lucien Legrand

    Capacity : 60 people

    Animation by two wine professionals in english

    Theme : Burgundy Discovery

    Buffet : Chardonnay

    Budget : 136€ HT per person

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    Your Tasting Wines
    • The Initiatory: bottles from 15 to 50€Tour de France
    • Historical : bottles from 50 to 200 €Winegrowers discovered by Legrand
    • The Expert : bottles from 200 to 500€Grands Crus
    • Thematic : bottles from 10 to 1000€ Discover a region, an appellation
    Buffet with Wine pairing
    • Accompanying canapes : 10 € per person
    • Drinks : 15 to 30 € per person
    • Dinner : from 40 to 60 € per person
    • Prestige: from 70 € per person
    Prices ex-VAT
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