Our fine grocery store, the historic heart of Legrand
Varnished counters and polished wood shelves present the best regional specialities

The aroma of roasted coffees and fragrant teas, the bouquet of a fine wine, the sweet scent of gourmet treats...

Our fine grocery store is stocked with the highest-quality gourmet products.

As the historic heart of Legrand, the store's elegant and charming 1900- era decor has been beautifully preserved: mosaic floors, the ceiling inlaid with wine corks by Lucien Legrand himself, brass window frames, and polished wood countertops and display stands create the perfect background for our exceptional products.


The heart of our Maison Legrand

In the nineteenth century, to be a good grocer was to seek out the most unique and exciting products, which is exactly what François Beaugé did when he opened his shop on Rue de la Banque in 1880. Gourmet food enthusiasts could sample the wide variety of foods imported by the East India Company: cinnamon from Ceylon, pepper and cardamom from from Kerala, tea from Assam and coffee from the Malabar coast. Alongside these carefully-selected foods, he also sold a selection of wines, bottled on-site.

The business was a resounding success, and continued to flourish under the stewardship of Lucien Legrand. The shop was always buzzing with activity, as people came from all over Paris to seek his advice about wines.

Over 140 years later, our store has the same friendly atmosphere, and every detail - from the storefront to the window frames, even the aromas of teas, coffees and wines - makes you feel as though you're visiting Paris of the 1900's.

The timeless charm of the shop is an inspiration for cinematographers and advertisers, who regularly set up their cameras here.

The legacies of those who built Legrand's reputation live on, and their contributions to the shop can still be seen, such as the ceiling inlaid with wine corks by Lucien Legrand during the long, hot summer of 1976.

While the selection of wines and regional specialties is constantly evolving and becoming more rigorous, the shop's family atmosphere, and its place as the heart of Legrand, remains the same.

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