Our Vinotheque is our library and contains only the best of the best
The definition of the Legrand selection
Learn the secrets of our fine wines

350 domaines, 3000 wines, 10,000 references... Our rigorously subjective selection; the foundation of the Legrand reputation.

Our Vinotheque is a glorious journey through the best wine regions of France. Each bottle is an invitation to share an unforgettable moment, the promise of enthralling emotions and the chance to create memories of true pleasure.


A strict dedication to quality

Our vinothèque was entirely redesigned in 2002 by interior designer Danièle Görtz. Before this, the back room of the shop was used for stock, and the window displays facing the Galeries Vivienne mainly showcased wine accessories. As the Galeries became more and more popular, we decided to transform the space into a comfortable and welcoming place to taste wines with friends, and showcase these wines in our window displays. Using luxurious materials such as wood, mirror and glass, as well as corks and stamped wine cases, Görtz designed our décor to immerse visitors in the beauty of wine.

With the in mind, the idea of installing a bar to occupy the majority of the space took shape. The whole Legrand team was excited by the prospect of being able to serve wines by the glass, accompanied by platters of charcuterie.

Nowadays, our vinothèque highlights our wine selection and reflects the Legrand spirit. Emilie, Pierre, Matthew and Jean-Jacques know all the nooks and crannies of the world of wine, and are always on hand to guide you as you adventure into this world of passion and culture.
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