• Portrait of the month

    Nicolas Glumineau

    « Wine is a school of humility. There is always a way to do better and more accurately. The difference between a great wine and an exceptional wine is necessarily a matter of details. »

  • Denis Durantou

    « I paint with the shades of the astringency. »

  • Christine Vernay

    « Christine and Luc are working together to build up this natural edifice bit by bit, two thousand square metres this year, three thousand next year, encompassing one hectare in total. »

  • Michel Davesne

    « It takes very, very beautiful grapes, that's all. Any good winemaker will never work miracles. »

  • Laurent Combier

    « The Clos des Grives, the historic heart of the estate, produces a wine of exemplary aromatic purity. »

  • Emmanuel Brochet

    « Don't do it if you don't feel like it. And always look ahead. »

  • Anselme Selosse

    « Nature is a wonderful thing. It is not for me to judge if she's right or wrong. So long as she leaves with 90%, I'm happy. »

Nicolas Glumineau

The tenor of Pichon Comtesse

There is nothing linear about his career, and Nicolas Glumineau, in his placid forties, seems to have had several lives. Originally from the Vendée, he arrived in Bordeaux in the 1990s to study genetics applied to oenology. He joined Denis Dubourdieu's laboratory before admitting, after a year and a half, that he was not cut out for research.
Passionate about classical music and a great lover of Verdi, he is also a double major at the Conservatory. His baritone voice made him think for a while about a career as an opera singer. A path he abandoned after his military service with the Alpine hunters and his return to Bordeaux where he met the woman who would become his wife.

Wine is a family tradition
He then returned to his first love and obtained his oenology diploma in 2004 at the Montpellier School of Agronomy. He did long internships in some of the most beautiful châteaux - Haut-Brion, Margaux - before joining the Montrose team as technical director and then Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande in 2013 as managing director.
This is how those who were not in the seraglio began to make a place for themselves in the Bordeaux wine landscape, legitimised by a passion for wine that had been firmly anchored since childhood."Wine was a family tradition, the bottle we open on Sundays," he recalls. Every family lunch was an opportunity for him to sharpen his senses by "busting his head putting a name to smells". 

« In Pichon we're in the high fashion world »

From his native Vendée, an agricultural region, he has also preserved this proximity to land. His work today allows him to find the balance between empiricism, working the land and winemaking. « The wine requires attention and precision.
At Pichon, we are in the creation, in the Haute-Couture. You have to get the basics of ready-to-wear by bringing the little extra that makes the difference. »

The most Pichon according to him? An elegance more marked that its prestigious neighbors Pichon Baron, Latour, Las
Cases with powerful and full-bodied wines. For him, the vintages of references are still those of the 80s and the famous 1989, which he wants to to get as close as possible every year.
"It's absolute balance. The Pauillac wine par excellence, straight and clean, which stands out and stands the test of time.  
And the "salt of the trade" as he calls it, is to start over every year.
But wine does not have the same repeatability as music. "Wine is a school of humility. There is always a way to do better and more... precise. The difference between a great wine and an exceptional wine is necessarily a matter of details".
As for tasting, Nicolas Glumineau can't advise you enough to enjoy a glass of Pichon Lalande.
by being lulled by Smetana's "La Moldau" or Mozart's "Cosi fan tutte", or by listening to a piece by Miles Davis, George Gershwin or Kate Bush.
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