• Portrait of the month

    Nicolas Glumineau

    "Wine is a school of humility. There is always a way to do better and more accurately. The difference between a great wine and an exceptional wine is necessarily a matter of details".
  • Christine Vernay

    "Christine and Luc are working together to build up this natural edifice bit by bit, two thousand square metres this year, three thousand next year, encompassing one hectare in total."

  • Michel Davesne

     "You need very, very fine grapes, that's it" "Even the best winemaker cannot perform miracles"

  • Laurent Combier

    "Clos De Grives, the historic heart of the estate, an imposing single"

  • Emmanuel Brochet

    'do what gives you pleasure and always look to the future'.

  • Anselme Selosse

    "Nature is a wonderful thing. It is not for me to judge if she's right or wrong. So long as she leaves with 90%, I'm happy.”

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