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Château d'Yquem 2017


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  • Whilst those fascinated by numerology have been analysing the 2017 vintage in
    Bordeaux to try and find comparisons with the "little" years ending in 7, it is an exercise that makes even less sense at Yquem than anywhere else. Because for the teams at the Premier Cru Classé Sauternes, 2017 is "a huge success, equal to the greatest years ending in 7". Indeed, this prestigious cru, the most famous sweet wine in the world, can boast of being the most regular in Bordeaux for over a century. Even in difficult years it is capable of producing a wine of incomparable ageing ability, thanks to its unique terroir and to those who understand its strengths and its qualities and how to harness them.
    In 2017, Yquem miraculously survived the frost, and only a few exterior rows were affected, with no serious consequences for the harvest. The vintage was also impacted by the fourth hottest year in the history of the château. Maturities were precocious, with the harvest commencing on the 16 August for the Y - an absolute record.
    At the end of August the vineyard had reached uniform maturities for both
    grape varieties.
    Rain at the beginning of September allowed homogenous levels of botrytis to set in on all the bunches. According to Sandrine Garbay, the cellar-master, the botrytis exploded towards the end of picking, and the teams had to work
    at a frenetic pace as concentrations were becoming critical.
    It therefore became a race against time to control a degree of alcohol that risked
    being too elevated. To adhere to Yquem's strict standards, whose power should
    never surpass its elegance, a very specific method was adopted which consisted of
    picking the best parcels at optimal levels of concentration, and sometimes going
    as far as to sacrifice others.
    2017 is a wine of contained power which, despite an alcohol level touching on 14°,
    retains immense finesse, aromatic purity and impeccable balance.

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