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Château Phélan-Ségur 2018


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  • Ever since he bought the Château, Philippe Van de Vyvere has been buzzing with the excitement of a man who is making his dreams come true. His enthusiasm is truly touching; it has rubbed off on Managing Director Véronique Dausse and spread from her to the estate teams.

    This passionate connoisseur of great Bordeaux wines is absolutely dedicated to the property's future - and he isn't coy about his ambitions. They are already evident in the accelerated pace of vine renewal, the grassing over of the soil and the move to parcel-specific viticulture. In the cellars, smaller tanks have been purchased to facilitate more precise winemaking. The parts of the building that are open to the public are being entirely transformed, as are the gardens, which have been redesigned by English landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith.

    This year, Van de Vyvere has been blessed : to his delight, the clement weather has enabled him to create a truly outstanding wine.

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