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Château Nénin 2018


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  • Following the integration of new staff to reinforce their commercial operations, the teams, working to the exacting standards of their Managing Director Pierre Graffeuille, are savouring the fruits of their labour. The wines, globally stunning from all the properties, proudly bear the stamp of their terroirs. Thought is now being given to the construction of a new cellar that will benefit from a splendid view over the Gironde.

    Chapelle de Potensac makes a noteworthy entrance into our selection this year with a deliverable wine that is vivacious and savoury with impressive tannic concentration.
    Potensac 2018 is upright and classic, with generosity and remarkable balance.

    Clos du Marquis is remarkable for its harmony and complexity, with notes of graphite that create an overall sensation of great refinement.

    Le Grand Vin shows rare depth. Complex, precise and still a little taciturn at this stage, it will only deliver its secrets to the most patient of its followers.

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