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Domaine de l'A 2018

BordeauxCôtes de CastillonRouge

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  • Viticultural and vinicultural consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt and his wife Christine practice in their own eight-hectare family vineyard what they preach in some of the most prestigious properties in Bordeaux. They are justifiably proud of Domaine de l'A, which they intended as a sort of laboratory; the challenge was to lift the wines into the top tier of the Côtes de Castillon appellation and in this they have succeeded.

    The clay soils, in particularly difficult weather conditions, made it very difficult for the vineyard teams to get into the vines to battle an unusually severe threat of mildew. "In mid-July we were worn out and a bit depressed," Stéphane and Christine admit. Then the weather became more clement and the vines were able to make up the lost time at their own pace, all the while drawing on a restorative cache of water from those clay-limestone soils. This enabled the berries to stay cool right up to the point where they reached optimum maturity levels.

    The 2018 has a mouthfeel that is both sensual and powerful. This is a particularly elegant wine.
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