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La Dame de Montrose 2018


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  • The teams in place at Montrose have reached the point where they have total mastery of the innovative technology at their disposal and a fabulous understanding of each parcel. Twelve years of global reflexion about the environment and ecological balance, driven by the expertise of Martin et Olivier Bouygues, have borne fruit. Montrose is now a shining example of both technical and ecological prowess.

    To illustrate this, a third electric tractor is now in use in the vines, 18 historic vine stocks of high genetic potential have been selected to safeguard Montrose's genetic heritage, and methods of making use of carbon dioxide produced during fermentation are under consideration. The landscape is also being transformed with the return of eco-pastoralism, and the creation of an orchard and kitchen garden.

    First tastings suggest a great vintage in the making, a subtle combination of the fruity aromatic profile of 2009 and the precision of 2016.

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