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Château Saint-Pierre 2018


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  • Now that extensive renovations and a successful hand-off to the next generation have been accomplished, the time has come for a period of reflection. The family members newly in charge at Domaines Henri Martin have decided to focus on their communications strategy. "We used to keep very quiet; now, we want to be clear about who we are," they say, speaking as one. They have accrued an impressive store of goodwill, thanks to their unity and their dedication to continuing the good work of the brilliant predecessor who founded the estate.

    Henri Martin, son of a Médoc cooper, bequeathed his descendants an example to follow in 1929 when he took sole responsibility for creating the first vintage of Château Gloria. He would dedicate his whole life, and his considerably tenacity and passion, to gaining recognition from the prestigious Saint-Julien Grands Crus Classés for his wines. Today, the children of Jean-Louis Triaud continue the tradition of creating admirable wines, assisted by Technical Director Rémi di Constanzo.

    Château Saint-Pierre 2018 is pure, rich and intense, with impressive structure, velvety elegance and intense fruit.

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