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Château Chasse-Spleen 2018

BordeauxMoulis en MédocRouge

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  • Following on from the frost in 2017, Chasse-Spleen received another terrible blow in mid-July: mildew, which robbed them of fully half the harvest. However, Céline Villars-Foubet, who has headed up the property for the last 18 years, refuses to let even this squash her natural optimism. She remains as intent on boosting her team's spirits as on instituting best practice in the vineyard. Rarely can Chasse-Spleen, which in French means to banish melancholy, have lived up to its name so well!

    So, employees are encouraged to use the gym for two hours a week, in order to lessen the physical impact of vineyard work, and the winery now has a Tribaie sorting machine in order to ensure that all imperfect grapes are removed before fermentation begins. As part of its commitment to protecting the environment, Chasse-Spleen has also installed solar panels.

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