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Château Palmer 2018


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  • At Château Palmer, nature is Queen. The vineyards spread out like a garden and the estate has evolved into a genuine working farm. "Master of Ceremonies" Thomas Duroux spearheaded the estate's foray into biodynamic agriculture and he is continuing this work. His fervent belief helps his teams keep the faith, even when they are under great pressure, as was the case this year. Jacques Dupin, the Vineyard Director who retired in 2018, certainly wouldn't deny it. In 40 years, he cannot remember experiencing weather conditions so hospitable to mildew. Everyone worked unceasingly to help the vines defend themselves from the incursion, employing every available remedy from tisanes to Bordeaux mixture.

    As for the harvest, the use of a specially adapted vibrating table made all the difference when it came to sorting the grapes - and was even helpful in the cellar. Duroux continued to experiment, even this year, choosing to allocate part of the harvest to larger oak barrels.

    When the time came to taste the individual batches, the levels of concentration and power were such that the decision was taken to use them all for the Château Palmer blend : only the 10% that were considered too pared-back were left out. The result looks to be a legendary vintage.

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