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Château L'Eglise Clinet 2018


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  • Denis Durantou has three loves: his family, his vines and his works of art. Each of them nurtures the others. While all three of his daughters feel strongly attached to the family property - a treasure that Durantou himself inherited from his own father - Noémie has shown a more marked interest than her sisters in the vines. Only time will tell whether this winemaker, who is as talented as he is reserved, has passed his passion for wine down to his children!


    This vintage was viewed as "revolutionary", due partly to the unexpected weather conditions but also to the inclusion, for the first time ever, of a plot of Cabernet Franc in the L'Église-Clinet blend.


    Durantou, who congratulates himself on having known his share of "harvests of cashmere", sums up the 2018 vintage via the last verse of a haiku (a Japanese poem) which only he fully understands: "Perceptibly Tannin Silk".


    L'Église-Clinet 2018 shines: it is complex, fleshy, with a rich range of aromas and really beautiful tannins. The texture is elegant; the length incredible.

  • Surface : 4,5 ha

    Soils : clayey-gravelly

    Grapes : 85% merlot, 15% cabernet franc

    Age of vines : 40 years

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