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Château Sénéjac 2018


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  • This year, Château Talbot is practically vibrating from the exuberance of the Cordier family's celebrations of their hundredth year running this Saint-Julien Fourth Growth. They are also delighted to watch as the fifth generation of the family take the baton from their elders.

    If you look at the list of people responsible for Talbot's success, you see an uninterrupted line of succession that bears witness to one truth: Talbot has always been all about family. So it was a duo that created this new vintage: Jean-Pierre Marty, who is retiring, and his successor. This gentle transition gave Jean-Michel Laporte the time to take ownership of the land and to begin to understand the rhythms of this ancient place.

    As for Sénéjac, it is about to experience a second lease of life. Lorraine Cordier's nieces and nephews have decided to open the estate up to wine tourism - an elegant way to pay homage to their aunt, who has always been an incomparable host.

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