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Château Pontet-Canet 2018


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  • Pontet Canet is a busy place. The stables house around 20 working horses, while the stonemasons' and metalworkers' workshops are well established.

    Alfred Tesseron and his daughter Justine, supported by Technical Director Jean-Michel Comme, make a wine that's ideally suited to this terroir. They pay careful attention to the soils and the vines - but also to the winemakers and the animals that live and work among them.

    This year, there have been two critical events : the June storms and the catastrophic attack of mildew that followed on the 14 July. Despite the distress and impotence of the team, who are still in shock, Comme has had wholehearted support from the Tesserons as he battled to keep their biodynamic practice on course. As soon as they realised the seriousness of the problem, they acted, investing in equipment specifically adapted to this sort of harvest, where the volume is a third of its usual size. A new filter was also installed on the sorting tables to guarantee that the grapes that made it through the sorting process would be of the requisite quality.

    The resulting wine is impressively complex, fresh and elegant, with depth and energy, a silky texture and tannins that promise great cellaring potential.

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