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Château Belair Monange 2018


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  • "Get out of my sunlight!" is the famous response Diogenes of Sinope gave to Alexander the Great, and that is how Édouard Moueix introduced his 2018 wines at a tasting. This year, he had to find a way to avoid damage from the cruel rays of a burning sun. "Our experience in California was useful when it came to preserving the characteristic freshness and charm of these wines", admitted Moueix: experience that has come from coping with extreme heat at their American estate, Dominus.


    Six people were put to work in the vineyard all summer specifically to minimise drought damage - that adds up to 16,800 hours of painstaking work.


    Construction work started on the new cellar at Bélair Monange: the intention is that it will be ready for the 2020 harvest. Swiss architects Herzog and De Meuron, who built the Dominus cellars and the refectory for La Fleur-Pétrus, were entrusted with the design.

    The Pomerol wines taste simultaneously flamboyant and balanced, with smooth tannins and beguiling aromas. At Bélair-Monange, the first sensation is of great power and harmonious tannins; the finale is long and fresh. Moueix has come to the conclusion that "2018 is a vintage that doesn't just express the terroir - it explains it".

  • Surface : 12,5 hectares

    Grapes : merlot 85%, cabernet franc 15%

    Vine density : 6600 vines per ha

    Age of vines : 60 years

    Soils : limestone on the terrace, clay on limestone on the slopes

    Production : approximately 18 000 bottles

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