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Château Troplong Mondot 2019


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  • The 2019 is in the cellar and Aymeric de Gironde is greatly relieved. He has now been Director of this First Growth for two years, but he admits that this instructive year has greatly improved his understanding of his terroir. The weather seemed to change from one minute to the next, added to which the soils under his supervision are immensely varied, from the powerful clay-flint soils on the slope of the Troplong hill and the elegant limestone of the Saint-Émilion plateau to the muddy yet exceptionally aromatic clay to the south.

    De Gironde chose not to fall back on old habits but instead acted decisively, for example by choosing to harvest early. He also listened to Thomas Duclos's advice. "The extreme weather conditions forced each vine to embed itself further in the soil, to draw more deeply on its own resources," explains De Gironde.


    In the end, each plot was fully able to express its personality. De Gironde is delighted: "I have had a good time making this 2019 without losing sight of my plan: I want Troplong Mondot to have a contained power - not an explosion of flavours. This unique terroir has great power but also a tender side; the former needs to be reined so that the latter can express itself."

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