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Château Dassault 2019


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  • Romain Depons has worked on the Dassault properties for 15 years; when Laurence Brun left last year, he took over their management. He has the skilled manpower and technical facilities necessary to help the Dassault Wine Estates achieve their potential, thanks in particular to the ongoing consolidation of the 62ha that belong jointly to Dassault and to La Fleur.


    Depons concentrates on the quality of the wines: his teams carefully manage every stage of their development, from the vineyard to the winery. Interestingly, he has chosen to use aerial photography to select the best vines. In addition, he is trialling fermentation in barrel for the plots that best express the estate's terroir.


    This year, following Michel Rolland's advice, the estate has chosen to make the most of its delicate, fresh and late-ripening terroir, which demands a great deal of attention. Its aspect, facing north, thus became a powerful advantage and the sheets of rain helped to give the wine a lovely equilibrium. The result is complex and well-balanced, seductively fruit-laden and heady with the scent of spice.

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