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Château du Tertre 2019


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  • Eric Albada Jelgersma's three children are now in charge of the family business, and they clearly intend to make a lasting contribution. They have wide-ranging and ambitious plans for the family properties - a vision they share with Alexander Van Beek who, in summer 2018, hired Lorenzo Pasquini to orchestrate those developments. Inspired by his experience in Mendoza and at Cheval Blanc, the new Vineyard Manager is working with the existing Technical Directors - Didier Forest at Giscours and Frédéric Ardouin at Tertre - to ensure that each property evolves in the manner best suited to it: "we want each property to develop its own identity".


    At Giscours, the team has been concentrating on improving the power of the aromas and the quality of the tannins. Aided by the expertise of Soil Consultant Xavier Choné, using a system of water allocation, homogenous areas within each vineyard plot have been identified. Thomas Duclos, the new consultant oenologist, has thoroughly enjoyed working with different harvesting dates for the Merlot. His aim: an ideal range of aromas "from fresh to really ripe" in order to achieve a truly well-rounded wine.


    At Tertre, the team has concentrated on two goals, classic extractions and blends, to ensure that these ethereal wines, as delicate as a skein of silk, also possess a touch of velvet. The 2019 vintage pays homage to the individual character of each of the properties, thanks to authentic wines that fully express their birthplace.

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