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Château Saint-Pierre 2019


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  • There is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere at Saint-Pierre: Jean-Louis Triaud's children, Vanessa and Jean, and their partners work together harmoniously. "We take decisions together - even if my father always has the last word, he is very receptive because he bases his approach on the principle that you can always do better. He is happy for us to shake things up," says Jean Triaud.


    A system of sustainable viticulture has been established: they have planted hedges and begun using biological control agents. For the Triauds, organic agriculture makes no sense unless it is pragmatic; it must benefit the current staff and future generations, as well. "Our Haut-Médoc plots are close to a kindergarten; in consultation with the town, we have already made those vines 100% organic, and we learned a lot from that," Triaud explains. 

    This year, the estate is innovating by trialling the use of amphorae: 10% of the harvest will be matured this way and the owners are open about their desire to keep expanding these trials, eventually transferring up to 40% of the harvest from wooden barrels to maturation in amphorae.


    Certainly, 2019 will be a great vintage: the colours are rich, the fruit aromas ripe and complex and the structure precisely delineated.

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