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Château Poujeaux 2019

BordeauxMoulis en MédocRouge

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  • A bottle of Château Poujeaux is a delicious yet delicate miracle - one able to render any moment memorable. This is the kind of wine that presides over a lunch to present a newly engaged young couple to their future in-laws, or one where a grandfather celebrates his grandson's coming-of-age. A wine of immense generosity, for all generations, it offers an unforgettable experience to anyone who tastes it.


    This year, the hot, early-ripening terroir of Günzian gravel had to grapple with frost. While the Left Bank wasn't hard-hit, Poujeaux in 2019 was situated in a frost-affected corridor. Fortunately, this weather event, which was so aggressive in 2017 that the Château team have referred to it as 'the deadly breath' ever since, was less harsh this time around. Christophe Labenne's memories of this "struggle with the elements" are ambivalent: on the one hand, he was very anxious that they would lose the harvest, but on the other, "the fires lit in the dead of night" were marvellously beautiful.  

    The 2019 is Labenne's twentieth vintage here: "what a pleasure to welcome such an abundant harvest into the winery, with beautiful, complex aromas of violets, blackcurrants and flowers and the potential - which was immediately obvious - for fine, elegant tannins!"

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