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Château Belair Monange 2019


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  • Edouard Moueix is the embodiment of the new generation now heading up the family estates. The young Director, who has chosen to live at Bélair Monange, is overseeing the restructuring of the vineyards; this 20-year project is accompanied by the installation of new, efficient technical facilities and a complete makeover for the château. Unfortunately, the work on the new winery has been delayed by the health crisis and the opening of these facilities will certainly have to be put back a year.

    In Pomerol, this year, yields were unprecedentedly low. The clusters of Merlot averaged only 120 berries each as opposed to the usual 220: a consequence of bad weather conditions during flowering.


    A new machine, brought in from the US, was used in the vineyards for the first time: it gathers the stems, chops them up and compacts them, so that they resemble haystacks. This means they can be removed very speedily and sent on their way to the composting station.  

    For Christian Mouiex, if the 2018 brought to mind Cézanne's paintings, the opulence of the 2019s makes him think of "a Rubens where the women are arrayed in Dolce & Gabbana".

  • Surface : 12,5 hectares

    Grapes : merlot 85%, cabernet franc 15%

    Vine density : 6600 vines per ha

    Age of vines : 60 years

    Soils : limestone on the terrace, clay on limestone on the slopes

    Production : approximately 18 000 bottles

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