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Vieux Château Certan 2019


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  • Beneath their Flemish reserve, Alexandre et Guillaume Thienpont are quietly proud to be a part of this exceptional château's destiny. Together, they run the family estate, working the land with an almost surgical precision that finds its echo, to a quite remarkable extent, in the consistent quality of the wines.

    This year, they worked, plot by plot, to identify the areas that were suffering the most. In this way, the vines received the requisite nourishment, one by one. Where they were needed (and only there), organic soil enrichers were applied, to reenergise the soil and give it a better capacity to retain water. "The improvements are cumulative, and every day they move us a little farther forward," comments Guillaume Thienpont.


    The result is a ripe, tannic wine, superbly balanced, with astonishingly well-conserved fruit and acidity. The Merlots are intense, powerful, smooth, well-rounded and well-bred. The Cabernet Francs - 15% of the blend, instead of the usual 30% - are lacy, complex, savoury and persistent. Vieux Château Certan 2019 is very promising, comparable to the 2010: both are very Merlot vintages, in terms of their character, their concentration and their complexity.

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