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Our aim is to identify the great artisans, select their work and become ambassadors for their art. The rigour and precision of our selection ensures our confident assertion that our service and experience of wine is one that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Our in-depth knowledge of the land and its vineyards as well as the vast level of experience of our cavistes allows us to transmit a true sense of the history and emotion of our wines to our clients.

Our philosophy: to listen and guide you to discover previously unknown wines that suit you and inspire you...

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We offer a wine-sitting service to optimise the ageing potential of your wine or to find a temporary storage solution for your collection. We take care of your bottles with no limit of time or quantity, as well as delivering the wines you want, when you want them.

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Gift List

Gone are the days of ten toasters and useless baby trinkets to gather dust in a forgotten closet. Much more inspiring, we believe, to celebrate a new birth with a Primeur vintage of the year to be treasured for the future. At Legrand we look after the list and provide all the correct documentation and certification to the new parents. Likewise, we are experienced in drawing up wedding lists of wines from our selection of 350 wine-makers as well as our broad range of accessories. Your guests will benefit from all the advice and expertise our wine merchants provide in helping you build the cellar of your dreams.Another candle to blow out? Leave your birthday list at Legrand and rest assured you will receive a delicious wine of your choice.

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Wine management

Whether you are starting out, or a dedicated professional, after a temporary solution or an indefinite one, Legrand can guide and advise your growing cellar.Once we have established a full evaluation of your taste and aim for your collection, we monitor the evolution of your wines over time and give you constant updates on their progress, and when they are at their peak. In keeping with your personal needs, we also constantly hunt for new opportunities for your collection to grow, from vintages ready to enjoy now, to those that need some time to fully evolve.

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Corporate Gifts

Searching for that ideal, personal and unforgettable gift for a very special client? Or are you after original gift ideas to reward your team? At Legrand Filles et Files we offer a varied choice of wines to gift, alongside artisanal grocery produce, wine accessories, books and themed wine tastings... all of which can be adapted to budget and taste. We can create made-to-measure gift hampers to include personal additions such as booklets to describe the story of the products included, embellished with your brand logo. Whether you are creating one special gift, or a range of gifts for any number of delighted recipients, Legrand accompanies you in making the best choice for your taste, to then be delivered anywhere in the world.

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Legrand can deliver your bottles of wine from across France to all over the world with no limit of quantity, in keeping with local importation laws and due paperwork . Transport is provided in strict compliance with the wine and its needs, we make sure its packaging and the temperature at which is travels is optimal for its enjoyment for many years to come, wherever you are in the world.

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