Over one hundred years as a family business
Sharing knowledge and passion for wine
Developing a truly unique Legrand taste

A family-run business

Five generations of wine merchants and grocers, with their passion for wine and their relentless search for the highest-quality regional products, have made Legrand a truly extraordinary place.

SINCE 1880


The history of an exceptional Parisian wine merchant

For over a hundred years, Caves Legrand has been an important hub for wine lovers in Paris, as well as a symbol of pleasure, quality and an art of living.

The story of Maison Legrand began in 1880, when François Beaugé opened a spice emporium on the rue de la Banque, a thriving corner of the city. A treasure trove of foods from around the world, customers were lining up to buy his East India Company products: cinnamon, cardamom, curries, Assam teas and Malabar coffee, as well as a selection of wines.

His fine foods boutique had gained an excellent reputation by the time it was taken over by two brothers, Pierre and Alexandre Legrand. The family stocked freshly-roasted coffee, alcohol and quality groceries at the back of the shop. Wines were purchased by the barrel from the Parisian neighbourhood of Bercy, which still held a monopoly on the sales of wholesale wine at the time, then bottled on-site and sold proudly bearing the label "bottled on-site by our wine merchant/grocer."

Pierre's eldest son Lucien, having the same passion for wine as his father, took over the business in 1945. A free-spirited visionary, Lucien created the trade of "wine merchant" through his interest in high-quality regional wines. He was the first to scour the world's vineyards, searching for "excellent everyday wines". The tastings that he organized in his shop put his favourite wines and vineyards into the spotlight -his discoveries include Rousseau and Dauvissat in Burgundy, the Trévallon estate in Bouches-du-Rhône and Sélosse in Champagne.

He became known throughout Paris for his charisma and charm, and Legrand became a hive of activity. Caves Legrand was not only a showcase for the vineyards of France - it was also an ideal meeting place where artists, journalists and bankers could catch up on the latest gossip over a glass of wine - all were welcome. His daughter Francine, following in her father's footsteps, took over the business in 1984. A great taster, she became known for the finesse of her palate and her meticulous wine selections, which led her to new and extraordinary discoveries of her own:Grange des Pères in Languedoc as well as Tertre-Roteboeuf in Saint-Emilion. With an increasingly discerning clientele, She continued to highlight the best estates in her selections, and further developed the sales of wines bottled on-site at their châteaux.

Since 2000, Gérard Sibourd-Baudry has been at the helm, and he aims to ensure that the Legrand spirit lives on by providing all wine lovers with the best selections, an entry point into a world of passion and culture. He also wishes to seek out and promote wines from regions outside of France, as well as share Legrand's expertise abroad. Now, more than ever, our cellar is open to the world.

Nowadays, we still travel from vineyard to vineyard, in search of the new and talented winemakers of tomorrow. We showcase 370 winemakers -passionate men and women whose creations make up the more than 3000 unique wines in Legrand's collection. Our cellar team is on hand to provide advice and recommendations, and to help you find the best wine for any occasion.

More than a wine boutique, Legrand is home to a way of life, a place to meet with friends and share the passion and culture of wine. Legrand is home to a wine school for all levels of experience, and also hosts a myriad of different tastings and vineyard tours. Our bistro and wine bar and our delicatessen, featuring high-quality artisanal products, complete the package - a gourmet experience in the heart of Paris.

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