Promoters of the greatest wine artisans and their vineyards...

To step through our doors is to plunge into a world of passion and culture. We wish to share this world with kindred spirits, wine lovers like you - this has been the raison d'être of this little corner of Paris for over 130 years.

Knowledge and respect for the vineyards


Every wine has a story

"The Legrand spirit" is our work ethic, our foundation in the ever-evolving world of wine. It is based on our deeply-ingrained connection to the land, as well as the personal relationships we maintain with both our winemakers and our loyal clients. In our spirit lies an honest and sincere respect for our wines and the regions they represent, as well as the consumer and the environment we all depend on.

Our teams continue to scour the vineyards in search of new, unknown wines and estates, working closely with the exceptional men and women who have transformed their trade into an art. We always select extraordinary wines produced by skilled artisans with a deep understanding and respect for the land, and we focus on timeless quality over passing trends.

Our independence and strict dedication to quality allow us to state with confidence that we provide our clients with the very best our vineyards have to offer.

We also have strong relationships with the wine-growers we represent, and our work often leads to lifelong friendships. Their passion and conviction comes across in their products - every batch of wine has a soul, a history we cherish and respect, and a story we want to share with you.

A union of culture, history and gastronomy, the world of wine is one of pleasures to be shared, and we hope to share our philosophy and our way of life with you.
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